A. Personal Information

Name: Seyed Yousef Hosseini
Email: uozef@yahoo.com
Mobile: 0416 58 74 58
Address: I live in Dee why, NSW, Australia

B. Education History

BA Mathematic and Computer Science, BuAli Sina Uni 1995-2000

C. Special Course / Research

• BPM.NET @ Skelta
• Intalio Process Designer @ Intalio
• IPTV & VOD @ OSA-R&D Center
• Liferay Portal Development @ Liferay-OSA
• Linux System Administration @ RedHat
• CCNA @ Cisco

D. Employment History

• Technical Lead @ Opensoft Australia 2008-Present
• Technical Lead @ Lucca Consulting 2006-2008
• Software Developer @ Barin Information Technology 2000-2006
• Part time IT Consultant @ UNESO 2003 -2006
• Part time IT Consultant @ Ministry of Science & Technology 2000-2003

E. Skill Summary
E.1. J2EE & Liferay Portal

Liferay 4-6.0.2, Apache Ant, Apache Axis, Velocity, IceFaces, Ajax, Hibernate, Spring, Struts, jBPM , jPDL, Tomcat, Jboss , JbossESB, JMX , JSR-167,JSR-288 , WSRP, WSRP 2. Apache-Camel, Mule-ESB, Apache Service Mix , Maven, Eclipse, InteliJ, Alfresco DMS , MyMCS , AOP , Terracotta, ehcache, OpenSSO, OpenAM.
WebScarab and OpenLapse OWSAP and Antisamy


IPTV/VOD , C++ , Javascript, live555, VlC, Sun Streaming Server , GNU Make, ffMpeg, ffServer, Red5 Streaming Server , FlowPlayer, RTMP , RTSP, Adobe Communication Server, Transcoders , VLC programming. Linux GCC 4.x Programming.


Intalio BPMS, BPMN, PXE, ODE, Geronimo, J2EE, BPEL, WSDL, SOAP, REST, jQuery, jboss, Skelta BPM.NET (Workflow Engine), Skelta

E.4. SOA

Jboss ESB, MuleESB, ServiceMix, MetaMatrix (Data Federation), Soap UI, Intalio Service Orchestration, Tibco GI


SIP, OpenSIP, Mitel SIP server and wonderful Asterisk VIOP engine

E.6. Microsoft

Microsoft Axapta (Dynamics AX) ASP, MS.NET, MSSQL Server, Microsoft Sharepoint Accelerator. Skelta - MS-Biztalk connectors. Microsoft AD, Apache Active Directory.

E.7. OS

Windows, Fedora, RedHat, Solaris, Suse, STLinux, Debian, MacOS, Andriod

E.8. iPhone (3G, 3GS) & iPad Development

I have developed my own Farsi Dictionary and it’s freely available at iPhone /iPad AppStore.

E.9. Oracle

Oracle Database 9,10,11g , Oracle RAC , Oracle Developer, Oracle service bus, Oracle App server, Oracle portal, Oracle Workflow, Oracle SOA Suit

E.10. Methodologies & Tools

Agile Programming : Green Hopper
Source Repository : SVN Server , FishEye, Tortoise-SVN, GIT
Code Review : Crucible
Bug Tracking : JIRA
Wiki : Confluence

F. Projects

F.1. June 2010-July 2010 Telstra SDA-SDK - Liferay portal, (Internal Lunch)

Role: Project technical Manager from OSA

Summary: We have developed one of the best Liferay portals for Telstra; we customized few portlets including Login / Search / Breadcrumb, Message board and changed the registration process flow a bit.

Very nice job on theme and layout development along with the required web content-structure and web content- template development, everything went well and we have achieved an on-time delivery and happy faces. JSP, JSF, Liferay Alloy-UI, Velocity templates are all been fully challenged in the project.

F.2. April 2010 - April 2010 NRMA- Thrifty Australia

Role: Technical lead

Proposing the Integration Architecture for inter-connecting two legacy systems using Mule-ESB and Talend Open Studio.
Designing the spec needed for interfacing with Mainframe through IBM-CICS and using StarLeg for that, on the other hand the challenge on loading COBOL based data structure into a new model to feed into Mule ESB as ETL logic.

F.3. March -2010 - April 2010 CSG - DET- Victoria

Role: Technical lead

Liferay Security Review for one of the Government projects, the idea was to keep Liferay framework tidy up and use whatever tool to intercept any vulnerability in Liferay.
The project finalized by mainly focusing on XSS and some work around and fixes.

F.4. Feb 2010 - March 2010 – UTS-SOA / MetaMatrix POC

Role: Architect
The project was to achieve integration between LDAP and Student Management System using RedHat MetaMatrix along with Oracle 10G as Backend DB, Jboss ESB as service bus and Linux as OS. we have developed the required POJO and actors , methods and the POC went positive, we have used MetaMatrix as our Data Federation Layer and SOAP integration tools like SOAP UI , etc.

F.5. June 2009- Feb 2010 OSA- Santa Vision

Role: Technical Lead

Developing IPTV application based on Amino 110, 130h for aged care industry. the idea was to use Amnio STB as edge device to play RTSP streams and handle voip calls through TV , along with dynamic IPTV Meals on wheals system using Liferay portal. the outcome of the project was a working prototype to be proposed to the investors. we had Optus interested in the demo to go from there. We end up porting Ubuntu for ST Micro based IPTV Board.

F.6. Feb 2009- June 2009 Crown Casino Melbourne

Role: BPM Architect and Skelta Specialist

We have used Skelta BPM.NET 2009 to take over a production workflow engine to handle 14 Workflows from HR, IT and other side of business in replacement of Adobe-Workflow engine.
The project went well and we have developed all BPM Workflows and all Skelta-forms and code them to pass the highly quality procedures (UAT) in crown. There are all working in production.

F.7. Feb 2008- April 2008 Deutsche bank - Intalio / Liferay Project

Role: Senior Intalio Consultant

Initially started as a POC of using Intalio as full fledge BPM product in Deutsche Bank , we have achieved configurations on Intalio with Oracle , SSL , HTTPS over Geronimo , clustering Jboss / Tomcat for Intalio BPM , Security implementation of Active Binding in Deutsche Bank Security framework , SUN LDAP integration with Intalio and all related challenges on Solaris 10.

F.8. March 2006 - Feb 2008 Lucca consultancy Sydney

Role: Technical Lead

Acting for several projects as technical team leader for government and private clients, we were using .NET, Java some links to the projects I have actively participated in:

Dot Net Nuke based portal for http://www.Norfolkgl.com
Dot Net Nuke based portal for http://www.norfolk.com.au
Dot Net Nuke based portal for http://www.Haden.com.au
Dot Net Nuke based portal for http://www.haden.com.au

WAT -Wage Analysis Tool, Ms-Access http://www.dewr.gov.au

Kumquat, Ms-Access for http://www.dewr.gov.au

Archiving Tool, MS-SQL2005 http://www.resmed.com.au

SR-Review, Ms-Access for http://www.resmed.com.au

F.9. March 2000 - March 2006 ITBarin

Role: Software Developer, MD, Technology Evangelist
working as software developer, team leader, technology evangelist, in ITBarin co Tehran/ Iran, we had Ministry of Science & Technology, UNESO and few other high profile clients and huge projects. I was reporting to Deputy Minister for IT and General Director of UNESO in Iran regarding IT Based project for Universities.

• Konkoori using ASP
• Tbaz using ASP
• Persian Search Engine , C++
• Government Portal ,PHP
• Online Registration for Sanjesh , VB.NET
• Samava , C#.NET
• BarinCMS , Python , Ghadir , .NET
• Buali Portal, .NET
• Tehran – IIEC
• Exporters database , Delphi
• Tehran – MSCE
• Redmi.org , ASP.NET
• OICP , Online interactive control projects, by .NET
• Orphanage management system, Delphi 6
• Sama based on Delphi 5,6 & Ms-SQL server

G. Favorite Technologies

Liferay / Red5 RTMP Sever / Intalio / Live555 / RTSP /MMS / WM9 / Sun fire 1450 MySQL / SIP / SSL / SOAP / SOA / AJAX / BPMN / BPEL / JQuery / Velocity / Centos / Ubuntu 8,9

H. My websites


I. References